"Dilmah" - a new premium tea brand on the Georgian market

You would already meet the banners of the tea brand "Dilma" in many places in Tbilisi, and you would notice its colored boxes in shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, which means that real Ceylon tea is already on the Georgian market.

Dilmah is the largest tea producer in Sri Lanka and one of the highest quality products in the world. It is sold in more than 100 countries, some of which are now in Georgia.

The exclusive importer of "Dilma" is the chain of stores of premium brands "Europroduct". Therefore, we talked to Anano Tavkhelidze, the head of marketing of "Europroduct" about the brand and its partnership.

In fact, "Europroduct" has been a partner of "Dilmah" for many years, however, until now its tea was sold only in our stores, and in limited quantities. Today the demand for high quality product has increased a lot, which made us decide to make this brand more accessible to more customers.

Dilmah is the number one producer of real Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka. Its quality is determined by the climate and soil of Sri Lanka, which is ideal for growing tea. In addition, growers pick the plant by hand, at which point they select the best leaves and twigs and make the product from them. This is impossible when picking the plant with special equipment.

Dilmah "Exceptional" line is also available in Georgia, which is made from freshly picked twigs and is found in a special pyramid-shaped package, which is free of bleaches and preservatives. This packaging is important so as not to damage the structure of the tea, not to change its taste properties and to serve real tea, without any impurities.

In general, "Europroduct", as a distribution network, has many years of experience in cooperating with premium brands. We bring products of the world's leading brands to Georgia and allow customers to access European quality.

Specifically, we decided to cooperate with Dilmah because of the high quality of its tea. To establish a partnership with the brand, we traveled to Sri Lanka, visited tea plantations and factories, met company representatives in person, and established relationships. Therefore, we will be able to continuously supply the Georgian market with the highest quality products and bring back the true tea culture and tastes in Georgia.

You will meet many teas in Georgia today, however, some producers are quite unethical in terms of quality. Often the packaging is powdered or mixed with various additives instead of tea. "Dilmah" makes all the norms that are important for getting a quality product from picking tea to packing it. That is why it is even called ethical tea.

In addition to premium quality, “Dilmah” has a very diverse range of pure flavors, which means tea of ​​different strengths, flavors and aromas. Such choices are rare in the market or not at all. Therefore, we think that the appearance of this brand in Georgia is important for quality and true tea lovers.

Yes, “Dilmah - Ceylon Tea for Better Communication” is the main slogan of the campaign. We believe that through tea people can talk to each other better. It helps us to start talking, to open our hearts to each other and to awaken a sense of empathy. Therefore, we decided to convey this message to our customers.

We also adapted the visuals to the title of the campaign. Each of them is individually drawn and reflects a special communication with the world. Its colors are inspired by the packaging of different flavors of "Dilma" "Exceptionalline”. Tea leaves create a sunny mood in spring.

With the campaign we wanted to introduce the product to consumers in an interesting way. And in its quality, after tasting, "Dilmah" will convince them, because the taste, smell and structure of the tea says everything about it.