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Europroduct - Distribution Company
"Europroduct" has been appearing on the Georgian market since 2004 as a distribution company and starts supplying local networks and markets with the first European brand "Valio". 

Europroduct - a supermarket chain 
The first supermarket was opened in Tbilisi in 2014 under the name of "Europroduct" and today it has 36 branches in Tbilisi and the regions.
Georgian consumers receive products directly from European enterprises through Europroduct. The network has access to products such as: organic, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, etc.
The demand for such food is growing every year, because it is becoming important to eat healthy, natural food. However, great importance is attached to child nutrition and parents take special care of this issue. It is necessary for them to know what the product contains, its origin, where it is made and under what conditions.
 Europroduct presents up to 2000 types of products of leading European brands. For example: "Arla" from Denmark, "Frico" from Holland, "Valio" from Finland, "Elpozo" from Spain, "Leroy" from Norway, etc. In the "Europroduct" exclusively you will find real Angus steaks. This product is an ancient piece of meat that is considered a delicacy in many countries around the world.
In "Europroduct" you can also buy products that are sold only in "Duty Free", for example, chocolate types - Anthon Berg, Ritter Sport, Mozart Reber, Walkers, etc.
The importer and distributor of these products is "Europroduct" itself, therefore the products can be purchased the cheapest in the network. It is also noteworthy that more than 40% of the imported product is sold exclusively in "Europroduct".
About European product
As a rule, European products are primarily associated with high quality goods, reliability and modern standards.
Products in Europe are made in full compliance with EU food production laws and standards. In addition to EU international certifications, each country has its own quality standards, sanitary-hygienic and veterinary rules. Accordingly, subject to these rules and regulations, each manufacturer strictly adheres to product manufacturing, hygiene, storage, packaging and logistics regulations. This, in the end, makes the European product unique and high quality.