Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

 This website is the property of Europroduct Ltd.

 Terms and conditions of use are drawn up in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

 1. Subject of the agreement

1.1. The subject of the agreement is the service of delivery of the products presented by "Europroduct" on its website to the desired place, in exchange for which you pay a predetermined amount.

 1.2. The service provider has the right to make changes to the europroduct.ge service at any time.

 1.3. The service provider has the right to unilaterally change the terms of use of the agreement, and is not obliged to notify the service user.

2. The service provider is obliged

2.1. Take the order and fulfill your order if you have enough supplies.

 2.2. Deliver the product to the specified address within 1-2 days after receiving the order. (Except weekends) If the order arrives on Friday before 18:00, delivery will take place on Saturday. And on Fridays after 18:00 and on weekends orders will be delivered on Mondays, during the day. Rustavi and Ponichala are exceptions, delivery to these two locations takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 2.3. Take care of the protection of the user's personal data.

 2.4. In case the product is not delivered to the specified address due to "Europroduct", return the amount paid when ordering by non-cash payment to the customer within 5 working days.

 2.5. To provide the customer with a product made in compliance with quality, sanitary and hygienic norms.

 3. The user of the service is obliged

3.1. Provide "Europroduct" with accurate data (name, surname, personal number, address, telephone number).

 3.2. Take the order in time to the representative of "Europroduct".

 3.3. Make non-cash payments with your own bank card.

 4. Order and payment rules

 4.1. The cost of product delivery is:

 Across Tbilisi -, 5.00

Tbilisi backyard: Lilo; Lilo settlement, Orkhevi; settlement of airport; Africa; Varketili farm; Upper and Lower Ponichala; Mukhiani summer cottages; Avchala; Zahesi; Village Gldani, Tskneti, Big Lilo Little Lilo, Rustavi - 7.00₾

4.2. To use the delivery service, you must indicate the district / street, street, building address.

 4.3. Select the product / products at will. The selected product will be automatically placed in the cart. The cost of delivery service is automatically reflected in the fee.

 4.4. If you wish, you can add additional details related to the address (eg entrance door code), product-related comments or other information required for order fulfillment-delivery in the comment field.

 4.5. A confirmation message will appear on your screen.

 4.6. The prices given on the website include value added tax.

 4.7. The prices given on the website may change over time.

 4.8. The Company assumes no responsibility for orders placed other than the above order.

 4.9. Refunds paid by Europroduct when ordering are made only in case of non-delivery of the service and in the cases discussed in the "Return Policy". In case of post-facto cancellation of the order by the customer, the amount paid to the customer will not be refunded. Refunds are made only by returning to the same account.

 4.10. In case of ordering weight products, 5% is added and the difference is refunded accordingly.

 Final Provisions

5.1. In the event that any clause of this Agreement conflicts with the law, or in the case of other legal acts, given

The contract is not canceled. The service provider assumes the responsibility to replace the inappropriate item with a new one.

 5.2. The titles used in the chapters of the contract are intended to make the text easier to read and have no legal definition.

 5.3. Terms and conditions of use apply equally to any customer. We care about the quality of our service and are interested in your feedback on our service.