Europroduct, the largest importer of premium brands, has just started importing Dilmah Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka to Georgia. Europroduct team visited Sri Lanka to strengthen their partnership with this premium quality tea brand.

"It is important for Europroduct to meet the manufacturers of our imported products in person and learn about the production process in detail. Although we have already worked with Dilmah, we wanted to increase a deeper, long-term and successful partnership. It was very interesting for me to get to know the details of the production in person and to meet with the CEO of Dilmah, Dylan Fernando. At the end of the meeting, we also exchanged souvenirs," said Tornike Tavdishvili, Head of Business Development at Europroduct.

The Europroduct team also traveled to Sri Lanka and toured the country. The trip was dedicated to two Movement videos - a tea story about a local tea culture and a trip to Sri Lanka depicting the country's major landmarks.

"It was no less interesting for us to discover the culture and nature of Sri Lanka. We wanted to share what we saw with others and we decided, in cooperation with the Movement, to tell the news about Sri Lanka to our customers," said Anano Tavkhelidze, Head of Marketing at Europroduct.

Sri Lanka is a country of multinational, diverse cultures, religions and languages that coexist harmoniously with each other.

"One of the most interesting things for me was to see that despite the differences, these cultures do not interfere with each other, on the contrary, they complement each other and with this unity create the uniqueness of the country," said Anano Tavkhelidze.

An example of this is the Gangarama Buddhist temple in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, which we see in one of the videos. Its architecture contains Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thai and Indian details. The architecture of the old Buddhist temple of Dambula even proves that Sri Lanka has become a meeting place of different cultures and civilizations as far back as our era.

If you decide to travel to Sri Lanka after watching the video, you should definitely visit Sigiriya - a rock-cut fortress that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

To get acquainted with Sri Lanka, locals also recommend a visit to one of the most distinctive national parks in the country. It is home to about 800 elephants, as well as other wild and unique species of animals or birds.

"There is also an elephant sanctuary where orphans are left behind. They are raised there for up to 5 years, until they are ready to return to the wild." - says Anano Tavkhelidze.

Indeed, one of the most important things for Sri Lankans is to live in harmony with nature. They say that we should not take benefits from nature at the expense of its damage. However, despite such attitudes, the harmful effects of humans on the environment are still noticeable. That is why Dilmah founded an environmental organization in 2007. Part of the company's profit goes to this organization and it is used to develop sustainable agriculture, reduce environmental damage and raise public awareness on environmental issues.

"Since its inception, Dilmah's main value has been to create an ethical tea, which not only creates a quality and clean product, but also to produce it in a way that does not harm nature. We want to help other local producers," said Dylan Fernando, CEO of Dilmah. Son of the company's founder, Meryl Jay Fernando.

Sri Lanka is home to one of the most unique types of tea - Ceylon tea. Its quality and true taste are determined by the combination of the country's climate, soil and culture. Sri Lanka has local rules for growing and processing tea. The most important of these are the practice of picking tea by hand and refusing chemical additives.

 According to local regulations, Dilmah have been making real Ceylon tea for over 35 years. That is why, if you are in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankans will definitely recommend Dilmah Ceylon tea to get to know the country better.

However, before that you will be able to taste it in Georgia as well. Moreover, Europroduct has further diversified Dilmah's product in Georgia.

 "Dylan Fernando is very interested in the Georgian market, so we talked about future business development plans. It turned out that Dylan and Dilmah's other representatives are very fond of Georgia and Georgian cuisine. Therefore, we invited them to Georgia and we will be their hosts in the fall," said Tornike Tavdishvili.