Italian cuisine
clock icon 30 Minutes pie chart icon 411 Calories
500 g Granarolo mascarpone

1 cup of Valio cream

1 cup (or more) of sugar

4 eggs


Savoyard biscuits from La mole

4-5 red oranges

3-4 tablespoons of cognac or rum

Add sugar to mascarpone and beat well. Then separate the egg yolks and whites from each other and mix the egg yolks one by one with the mascarpone mass.

In a separate bowl, whip the cream, but do not harden it too much so that it does not turn into butter. Mix the cream with the main ingredients and turn it into a uniform mass. Add vanilla.

As for the egg whites, beat them in such a way that they do not slip if the mixture is turned over, and add them to the mascarpone and cream mixture. Now use the silicone stick and stir gently. The cream is ready!

Squeeze the red oranges, pour the juice on a wide and deep plate, add rum and stir.

Start assembling the tiramisu: first place the cream on the base, then wet the Savoyard biscuits and distribute them one by one on both sides. So make 3 layers to get it. Finally, grate the red orange peel.

Leave the tiramisu for a few hours (or all night) in the refrigerator and enjoy!