On store shelves, you have probably already noticed the colorful boxes lined up together. For those of you who do not know yet, this is "Dilmah" - one of the highest quality hand-picked Ceylon tea in the world with the best taste. The colors of the boxes indicate the different flavors of the tea placed in it.

To learn more about Sri Lankan tea culture and Ceylon's main tea producer, Dilmah, a team from Europroduct and Movement traveled to this magnificent tropical island country. In the video you will learn what workload it has for the locals, why it should definitely be the best and why they are so careful when producing it.

It has been a centuries-old truth that communication with tea and getting closer to each other is easier and more enjoyable. "Dilmah" also tries to simplify this process and establish better communication with each other by creating real Ceylon tea.

Ceylon tea was introduced to Georgia recently. Therefore, it will not be wrong if we learn more about this type of tea and its largest producer "Dilmah" before tasting it.

In its homeland, Sri Lanka, it is said that Ceylon tea is one of the most precious gifts given to humans by nature.

The home of Ceylon tea is Sri Lanka, a tropical island whose climatic conditions and soil make the best combination to produce the highest quality tea. However, this is not enough to get its true taste - Sri Lanka has its own methods of growing and processing plants. Among them, one of the most important rules is to pick the tea by hand, which makes it possible to carefully select, sort and clean the raw leaves and tea twigs. The second main rule is to refuse any unnatural additives in its production.

Following these rules, the real Ceylon tea is produced by company Dilmah. Its history began in 1985, after Sri Lankan Meryl Jay Fernando gained many years of experience in tea growing and processing and decided to set up her own enterprise. The company chose the first letters of the names of the children - Dylan and Malik - as the name of the company and that is how "Dilmah" got it. Today, he runs a business with his family and has been in Sri Lanka for 35 years - number one and one of the highest quality teas in the world.

Dylan, son of Meryl Jay Fernando: “My father started writing this story because it was his dream to offer real tea to tea lovers. An ethical tea that would be pure and good quality and, at the same time, created with great love. "

"Dilmah": "Apart from producing the best tea, our goal is to spread goodness in the world, because we believe in kindness the most in" Dilmah ". That is why care and respect are at the heart of everything we create. ”

Dilmah, in addition to being the number one tea producer in Sri Lanka, is also the best example of charity. He puts part of the profits into his charity fund. Funds are used to fight inequality and promote education. "Dilmah" also owns an environmental organization, which aims to develop sustainable agriculture, raise awareness of environmental issues and eliminate problems in nature.

It is with such ethical approaches and strict adherence to the Sri Lankan rule of tea production that the real Ceylon tea - "Dilmah" is created, which is sold in more than 100 countries around the world and is very popular in all of them.

True tea lovers can buy "Dilmah" in "Europroduct" chain stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets.