Today is International Tea Day. Today, the world is once again remembering the centuries-old history of this precious drink and the immense benefits it brings to our health. Therefore, we want to introduce tea lovers to the highest quality Ceylon tea Dilmah and its diverse assortment on this day. The brand combines centuries-old traditions of tea growing and processing, and in addition to pure flavors, creates types of tea with different strengths, tastes and aromas.

We will help you discover new flavors of Dilmah and share their consumption tips from Ceylon Tea Homeland, Sri Lanka.

If you prefer the pure taste of black tea, then Dilmah has two choices for you - Perfect Ceylon Tea and English Breakfast.

Perfect Ceylon Tea is neither too strong nor too light. You can enjoy it at any time of the day and with the help of it you can regain your strength or unwind. English Breakfast is a strong black tea, which means that it is better to drink in the morning, as it is ideal for waking up and starting the day energetically.

In Sri Lanka it is recommended to use Dilmah live leaves of mint, ginger, lemon and honey to further enhance the pure taste of Dilmah Ceylon black tea. Also, it is said that black tea is especially suitable for meat dishes and cheese.

Earl Gray is one of the most popular types of tea, which is created by combining the aroma of tea and bergamot. If you love this combination too, then you should also try Dilmah Elegant Earl Gray. It perfectly combines Ceylon black tea and citrus aroma and has a rich and pronounced taste. Elegant Earl Gray is of medium strength. It is especially suitable for spicy dishes, meat and dark chocolate.

For lovers of a combination of tea and citrus, Dilmah also offers royal tea enriched with orange flavor. Valley of King Ceylon Pekoe is made from raw leaves, is light and can be freely eaten in the evening. In Sri Lanka it is said that it has a positive effect on mood and helps us to improve it. Keep in mind, too, that Valley of King Ceylon Pekoe remarkably neutralizes the sweetness of cakes and pastries.

 A combination of black tea and berries

If you love berries and tea too, then Dilmah Berry Sensation is for you. Black tea, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry make an ideal combination and make the taste especially memorable. Like the Valley of King Ceylon Pekoe, the Berry Sensation is lighter and ideal for an evening drink. You will also be able to make delicious iced tea from it. Especially applies to dark chocolate and confectionery.

 Fresh taste of green tea and aroma of jasmine

For those who love the taste of real and fresh green tea, Dilmah offers Ceylon Green Tea. It does not contain aromas of other plants or fruits and has a slightly sweet taste characteristic of this type of tea. Even those who refuse green tea saturated with other flavors and prefer aromas, then you should try Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea. Green tea jasmine flower petals are moderately sweet and have a mild taste.

Ceylon Green Tea and Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea are recommended to drink with or after eating as they help in digestion. Both of them are especially suitable for salads and seafood.

After getting acquainted with the main assortment of Dilmah tea, what’s left to us is to teach you a place where you can buy them. Dilmah is available in a chain of Europroduct stores and in large supermarkets and hypermarkets.