Recently, premium brand of Dilmah's tea Products “exceptional” line appeared in Georgia. It includes Ceylon tea types with different strengths, flavors, fruit and plant aromas. All of them are made from hand-picked tea leaves and twigs and do not contain unnatural additives.

We will help you discover a wide range of Dilmah - we will tell you about each of them and teach you how to use it for different purposes. Today, I will tell you about Ceylon Green Tea and Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea.

For lovers of the taste of pure green tea, "Dilmah" offers Ceylon Green Tea. It is free from aromas of other plants or fruits and has a real, slightly sweet taste characteristic of this type of tea. Even those who love the combination of green tea and other aromas should definitely try "Dilmah" Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea. It is enriched with jasmine flower petals, has a moderately sweet and mild taste and is very fragrant.

Ceylon Green Tea and Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea are best drunk with or after meals as green tea is ideal for digestion. Keep in mind, too, that it applies especially to salads and seafood.

Green tea is an inspiration to many cooks in Sri Lanka. It is often used in confectionery. Tea bags are placed directly in the fermented cream and enriched with the taste of green tea and jasmine. You can also cool the installed tea, freeze it in cubes and put it in cold drinks.

 Finally, I will teach you one simple cocktail recipe. Put "Dilmah" green tea, cool, squeeze lemon juice in it, add honey and kiwi and mix well. With this combination, in addition to being delicious, you will also get a healthy drink.

You can buy Ceylon Green Tea, Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea and other types of tea of ​​"Dilmah" selected line in the network of Europroduct stores, as well as in a large supermarket and hypermarket. Enjoy it in the traditional way, conduct experiments and discover the various uses of tea with "Dilmah".

Sri Lankan company Dilmah was founded in 1985 and soon became a major producer of real Ceylon tea. It has been in Sri Lanka for over 35 years - number one and one of the highest quality teas in the world.