Recently, premium brand of Dilmah's tea Products “exceptional” line appeared in Georgia. It includes Ceylon tea types with different strengths, flavors, fruit and plant aromas. All of them are made from hand-picked tea leaves and twigs and do not contain unnatural additives.

We will help you discover a wide range of Dilmah - we will tell you about each of them and teach you how to use it for different purposes. In this article, we will introduce you to the Royal Tea of Ceylon - Valley of Kings.

Valley of King Ceylon Pekoe is made from freshly picked, raw leaves. It is of medium strength, so you can enjoy it in the evening as well. It will also help you to revitalize your body and raise your mood. Keep in mind, too, that Valley of King Ceylon Pekoe remarkably neutralizes the sweetness of cakes and pastries, and that once you taste it, it will definitely become an integral part of your sweets table.

In Sri Lanka, the Valley of Kings is the most valuable ingredient in cocktails, sweets or dishes. It is often mixed with champagne and wine. Also, tea made from it is added to various dishes, sauces or sweets.
You can buy Valley of Kings and other types of Dilmah’s tea from “exceptional” line in the chain of Europroduct stores, as well as in any supermarket and hypermarket. Enjoy it in its traditional form, experiment and discover the diverse purpose of tea with Dilma.

Sri Lankan company Dilmah was founded in 1985 and soon became a major producer of real Ceylon tea. It is over 35 years old, making it number one in Sri Lanka and one of the highest quality teas in the world.